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DJ Ying Tung, Ekin Cheng
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Tony Leung Ka Fai in the film HORSEPLAY (DOH MA GEI) played Nine Tailed Fox, a thief who specialized in stealing national treasures and was a master in disguise. He often changed his looks, his clothing and used different costumes for her operations. He even used different skin colors and opposite sex disguises. In one of them he was dressed in pink and put on sunglasses to look like a rich wife, as she elegantly next to Kelly Chen Wai Lam. he was even more attractive than the real woman Kelly! Leung Ka Fai joked that his biggest wish was to win Best Actress with HORSEPLAY. He said, "I have already won Best Actor, after making this film my goal is to win Best Actress. My performance in the film can absolutely make history."

Artist Dior Cheng Yi Kin yesterday accepted a radio program interview and talked about his film HORSEPLAY with Leung Ka Fai and Chen Wai Lam. Ekin revealed that it was the first time he took part in creating the character. The pipe was his idea.

Ekin worked with Best Actor Leung Ka Fai again after 20 years. He said, "In 1994 he just got into the business, he said to me that he bought a home and said that I would be able to get one too. At the time I felt that I wouldn't. Several years later I ran into Ka Fai at Central, he said, 'See, I told you you could get a home!'"

As for his other co-star Kelly, Ekin said that he has not worked with her for over a decade. "As a mother Kelly hasn't change much. Her work attitude is just as serious."

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