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The Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) directed, Julian Cheung Chi Lam and goddess Chrissie Chau Sau Na starred luxury romance YOU ARE THE ONE (CHIN YIK NGAI MOR OI SEUNG NGOR) yesterday held a press conference. Chilam and Sister Na will play a couple in the film and will have romantic scenes. Chilam was asked if his wife Anita Yuen Wing Yi will tag along to supervise. He joked that if his wife does he would go on a strike.

Yip Lim Sum pointed out that the film will shoot on location in Japan, Dubai and other places. Sister Na hoped to be able to travel the world for the shoot, she would like to go to Greece and Venice the most. Although traveling with sexy goddess Sister Na, Chilam said that his wife Yuen Wing Yi would not tag along to supervise. He even joked that if Len Len did he would go on a strike.

Chilam in the film will play a multimillionaire. He denied that he will play himself, as he was still miles away from reach a hundred million. He said that he was a practical film worker. He pointed out that this time his romantic dates with Sister Na in the film was already the dream of many men. Will he have bed scenes with Sister Na in the film? Chilam said, "The film will mainly be romantic, not 'physical contact'. Of course it will have intimate scenes, but we still don't know how far they will go." Chilam even boasted that romantic film was his expertise, better than his kung fu film.

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