Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Jung Woo-Sung, Chang Chen, Cheng Taishen, Zhang Xinyuan
courtesy of on.cc
Wong Kar Wai, Chang Chen, Jung Woo-Sung
courtesy of mingpao.com

The Hong Kong International Film Festival asked Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korean actors Francis Ng Chun Yu, Chang Chen and Jung Woo-Sung to direct the film THREE CHARMED LIVES (SAM SUN), which held a press conference and world premiere yesterday. Aside from Jung Woo-Sung and Chang Chen, director Wong Kar Wai also supported his support. Ng Chun Yu was absent due to illness. Chang Chen was very happy that Wong Kar Wai showed his support. At the event he and Jung Woo-Sung both were gentlemen, offering for the other to take photos and speak first. Chang Chen humorously said, "This project asked three actors to make a movie, all three are cool actors. I mean we are the same type."

Jung Woo-Sung said that originally he wanted to make a full length feature, so he appreciated this opportunity to try a short film. He realized that a director had a lot of control, with the free space to write stories and emotions. That was not something that an actor could do. He did not mind sharing the box office with Chun Yu and Chang Chen. He said, "If the response is good, sharing is a blessing. I am the most afraid of not being able to share."

Chang Chen jokingly pointed out that he was inexperience in directing, so he invited director friends to help as assistant directors. However he seriously experienced how challenging directing well was. He said, "A director had to be concerned with everyone's mood and completeness, if he didn't do his homework he would affect the entire team, an actor only focused on expressing the emotions." Some suspected that his story plagiarized the film ILO ILO. He denied it indirectly, "This time when I ran into a setback, I thought of what Director Hou Hsiao-Hsien said. The most important in film production is to let the story grow freely. This time I give the team the freedom to perform and it turned into this."

Malaysia two nights ago announced that the missing flight MH370 has crashed into southern Indian Ocean and the loss of all the passengers. Wong Kar Wai spoke of THE GRANDMASTER (YUT DOI JUNG SI)'s stunt coordinator Ju Kun, who was on the flight and missing. "A very upsetting news, the announcement was very sudden. I don't know if today would have any more news, but before Malaysia Airline and the Malaysian government see any evidence we should remain hopeful. I ask Ju Kun's family to be strong, a miracle hopefully will appear."

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