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The Grasshoppers met Leslie Cheung at their mentor Anita Mui's concert
So Chi Wai and Choy Yat Chi cannot hide their excitement over free lunch from Leslie Cheung
Choy Yat Kit reprises Leslie Cheung's memorable karaoke performance
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With April 1st approaching, April Fool's Day no longer stirs up much of a response. For the past 10 years April 1st would bring up "Gor Gor" Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's passing. This April 1st would be the 11th anniversary of Gor Gor's passing. As this day grew closer, his classic films often appeared on television and songs on the radio.

Many artists' memories of Gor Gor have always been shared and over the past 10 years have often been relived. Earlier on the bus Roadshow's Grasshoppers special Our GRASSHOPPERS happened to air the episode titled FOREVER GOR GOR. They shared the first time they met Gor Gor, out of the blue going to his home for a meal and singing karaoke with him; with their vivid descriptions the show was very attractive. On the 11th anniversary of Gor Gor's passing, the younger generation's memories of their days with this superstar brought back countless reminiscence.

The Grasshoppers met Gor Gor at their mentor Anita Mui Yim Fong's 1986 concert. Gor Gor was her guest. They grabbed Gor Gor for a photo backstage. Choy Yat Chi revealed that once with So Chi Wai barged their way into Gor Gor's Repulse Bay home, because Gor Gor once generously said that they could visit his home when they had time. They went sunbathing in Repulse Bay and passed by Gor Gor's home. They daringly pressed a door bell. A maid opened the door, the Gor Gor appeared in slippers, a white tank top, shorts and a bath robe as he descended from the 2nd floor.

Gor Gor asked why they would visit? They said that they went sunbathing in Repulse Bay and paid him a visit on the way. They did not expect Gor Gor to say that they could sunbath on his roof, where he normally did and no one could see. Later Gor Gor asked if they ate. Ah Chi and So Chi Wai said that they did not have lunch, so Gor Gor asked them to dine together. They still could not hide their excitement over 20 years later for Gor Gor's free lunch.

Ah Chi also said that later at a Hong Kong Coliseum performance, when they chatted with Gor Gor backstage he reminded him that he should have his own song. Ah Chi said that he did not know how to write a song, and Gor Gor immediately hummed a melody. He said that for a singer the most important for song writing was feeling, once recorded that was it. Because of the encouragement he wrote more songs. He also recorded with many singers, Gor Gor was the only one who did not need to look at the lyrics in the studio because he already committed it to his memory.

Choy Yat Kit also shared his karaoke days with Gor Gor. He remembered Gor Gor sang WHY NOT BORN A WOMAN. Normally when they sang karaoke they would stand in front of the monitor and watch it as they sang. Gor Gor however propped his leg up for a pose and sang, which stunned them as they felt like they were at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Ah Kit even demonstrated Gor Gor's pose that day, to him it was extremely unforgettable.

OUR GRASSHOPPERS had 15 episodes, each ran around 5 to 6 minutes. The program began with the Grasshoppers' childhood and had some valuable memories like at the Grasshoppers' Kowloon City home, when many superstars like Mui Yim Fong and Roman Tam (Law Man) visited. They would paint their faces and go crazy; memories did not have to be sad.

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