Sunday, March 16, 2014


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Wei Te-Sheng and Tsao Yu-Ning yesterday attended their new film KANO's event in Mongkok and shared the production highlight with viewers. The film in its third week of Taiwan release already made over NT$ 60 million, but producer Wei Te-Sheng stated that the film's Hong Kong release had no box office pressure. He only hoped that viewers could accept and share Taiwan's thinking and value.

Would he look for a subject to shoot in Hong Kong? Wei Te-Sheng said that Hong Kong directors are very strong so he has never thought about that. Would he like to work with Hong Kong actors? He immediately said, "I haven't asked, Hong Kong's pursuit of popular culture has already matured. (Do you feel Hong Kong actors' salaries are too high?) Actors who don't go to the Mainland are still affordable."

Lead actor Tsao Yu-Ning admitted that he was not used to being interviewed and thus was a little shy. Still an university student and school baseball team member, he admitted that he would not consider an acting career until he graduated from the university. With opportunity he would like to give it a try, but he stressed that he would not give up baseball. Did he have any Hong Kong actors he would like to work with? He said that he did not pay any attention so he could not say. The producer immediately explained that Tsao Yu-Ning was not too familiar with even Taiwan artists. He could answer baseball questions.

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