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Justin Cheung has a hard time with sit up
Justin Cheung gets into shape for a role before

Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi
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Justin Cheung Kin Sing earlier worked out excessively for a role and went into shock. The doctor already warned me against further excessive training, otherwise he could lose his life! However the constant risk taker ignored the warning. In order to coordinate with different roles, he kept "playing with his life" and drastically gaining and dropping weight. Earlier he worked out hard to prepare for his January Thai film production, in which he will work with a Myanmar Best Actress!

Cheung Kin Sing was known for taking risks, constantly gave "self destructive" performance in order to play the role well. Earlier for his film ONE SECOND CHAMPION (YAT MIU KUEN WONG)'s boxer role, he trained from being round to a muscle man in 40 days. Although the result was good in the end, the excessively rushed training was too much on his body. He had abnormal heart rhythm and went into shock once. The doctor warned him against any high speed weight gain and loss, otherwise his heart might no longer be able to handle the load and his life would be in jeopardy.

Even so, Justin recently accepted another challenge, took on many roles at once and shaped his body every which way. In January next year he would work on a Thai film with Myanmar beauty and Best Actress Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi. He would need to drop from 185 to 150 pounds. Earlier he began to "run like mad" and exercise near his Tseung Kwan O home. When he took off his shirt in the heat, he actually had a "big belly" and his arms were fat and loose. No wonder he was determined to keep going even though he was drenched in sweat.

Actually losing 35 pounds in 2 months was only the "appetizer". In March Justin will work on an inspirational film that would salute the Hong Kong wuxia film, for which he would have to bring his weight to over 200 pounds. In June he will have to drop back to 150 pounds for another film. With over 130 pound of difference between 7 months, he will completely ignore the doctor's warning!

Justin revealed the reason for his "life risking" performance. "Since finishing the role that was rather popular with the audience in OCTB, I was very lost and disappointed people around me. After taking some time to think I started to regain consciousness. I want to use action to prove that I haven't forgotten what my original intention was: being a good actor. I remember my idol Chow Yun Fat said that 'the rice box on the set are the most delicious'. When I worked with him on PROJECT GUTENBERG (MO SEUNG) I learned a lot from him. Under the pandemic, every job has been very valuable. I hope to play every character well. I would follow the nutritionist and fitness trainer's orders, measuring my heart rate, blood pressure everyday. As soon as anything becomes irregular I would stop immediately. No one needs to worry too much."

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