Sunday, November 22, 2020


Terrance Lau wholeheartedly concedes his Golden Horse Best New Performer defeat to Chen Yan-fei
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Terrance Lau praises Chen Yan-fei for her performance

Cecilia Choi prepares a cake to watch the Golden Horse Award with Terrance Lau, saying that they would celebrate whether he wins or not

Chen Yu-hsun defeats rival Tsai Ming-Liang for Best Director

Vivian Hsu apologizes on social media for droning on too long during the award presentation.

Ang Lee embraces fellow alumni Chen Shu-fang, saying that she has made their alma mater proud.
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Terrance Lau Chun Him with BEYOND THE DREAM (WAN OI) was nominated for the Golden Horse Award Best New Performer but finally lost to Chen Yan-fei, a 20 something rookie. As an actor of many years he conceded wholeheartedly, in addition he gained a lot from the film. Was meeting his girlfriend the greatest gain? He revealed that two nights ago he watched the Golden Horse Awards with girlfriend and friends. His girlfriend even bought a cake, saying that whether he would win or not they would celebrate. In addition, Lau Chun Him felt that the Taiwan film industry developed very well, the Hong Kong film industry has been depressed for a very long time. Everyone should work hard to write a new era for the future.

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