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Sammo Hung's mind is just as agile as his body
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Sammo Hung remains spirited in the interview

When talking about his past filmmaking days, Sammo Hung often moves around
Two months ago at Benny Chan's funeral, a thinner Sammo Hung did not need a wheelchair and moved with cane like he was flying 
Sammo Hung once reached 250 pounds.  Doctors ordered him to lose weight.
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The 68 year old Sammo Hung Kam Bo since 2017 due to knee injury often used a wheel chair or cane. Earlier he also became drastically thinner, thus everyone became concern with his health condition. Hung Kam Bo earlier spoke to Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui on his online channel. He looked energetic and was loud as a bell, often moving his arms and legs around when he became excited. Fans conceivably could relax!

Hung Kam Bo explained that due to action films over the years, the kneecap injury was inevitable. He stated that the comfortable life today was completely due to the tough days before. He said, "From my wife met me to now, I risked my life for life, food and home. If I didn't I would have nothing. I am not resting now, later I can have a 'long rest'. Haha!" Hung Kam Bo also did not understand why someone would also urge him to retire. "Why do I have to retire? When you feel all your mechanics have deteriorated, start to embarrass yourself then you retire. I can speak and can think, when I really can't then I would retire. Now as long as I have a chance, I would try to do it."

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