Sunday, November 8, 2020


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Friends like Tang Tat Chi are concerned about Yu Mo Lin's condition
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Yu Mo Lin enjoys charity work. She has donated to elementary school construction in the Mainland

Brian Wong due to a series became friends with Yu Mo Lin and later even became her godson
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Veteran actress Yu Mo Lin recently has been rumored to be hospitalized at the ICU for pulmonary fibrosis, some even said that she was suspected to have a rarely seen blood cancer. Ng Lai Chu has been very concerned with Yu Mo Lin's condition. Yesterday she revealed that the ICU doctor pointed out that Yu Mo Lin's lung condition has not deteriorated. Today a nutritionist would visit her as well.

Mag Lam Kin Ming at the end of the month dined with friend Yu Mo Lin. Yesterday she cheered her friend on social media. "We come together to cheer on Yu Mo who is still in the ICU! Get over this round and see everyone again in good health!"

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