Sunday, November 15, 2020


Lee Kin Yan with friend Lee Kin Bong
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Stephen Chow Sing Chi's favorite and secondary school classmate Lee Kin Yan in recent years has been working in the Mainland. Yet last year at a sauna he felt a headache and fainted. He was rushed to the hospital and confirmed to have suffered a stroke. He reportedly lost feeling in the right side of his body and ability to speak. Currently he has already returned to Hong Kong to continue his therapy.

Lee Kin Yan yesterday shared his update on social media. He thanked Mrs. Lau Kam Hung and Louis Koo Tin Lok for their assistance. "Recently I have been working hard in therapy. In order to speed up recovery, aside from seeing a Chinese medical practitioner, I also had language and physical therapies. These therapies required certain expenses, so I hereby want to thank those who helped me with money and effort over the past half a year. First thank you Mrs. Joseph Lau. After I returned to Hong Kong she immediately sent a colleague to contact me; and to the Performing Artist Guild president Koo Tin Lok, both Mrs. Lau and Mr. Koo contributed money and effort."

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