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Ng Wing Sze and Ashley Lam both play students in FIND YOUR VOICE
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Ashley Lam says that she is a little slow in love

Ng Wing Sze and Ashley Lam share their first film experience
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The Andy Lau Tak Wa produced, Adrian Kwan Shun Fai directed film FIND YOUR VOICE (YIT HUET HUP CHEUNG TUEN) was about how a strict musician lured and guided a group of students with problems of their own to experience a passionate musical journey. Also passionate about helping the younger generation, Wa Jai this time daringly used 33 amateur student actors to play the choir he led. Ashley Lam Hoi Ling and Ng Wing Sze were both new actors. They both thanked elder Lau Tak Wa was lending a helping hand to ease the tension on the set.

Lau Tak Wa admitted at first he only served as a producer. he originally wanted to find an amateur to play the conductor. "However the director said I looked like a conductor and coaxed me into it, telling me I had to learn. So I asked the children's choir conductors and studied with them for almost 3 months. Yet in the end they told me the rhythm was like this, the expression and the communication method were the most important. Every conductor had their own unique movement. Thus on the set I had to find my own direction. Although it was difficult, it was pleasant!" Facing a group of young and new actors, Wa Jai not only did not sense any generation gap but also was very happy to work with them. "They each had their own singing methods that they wanted to express. I learned the ability to stay young. Surrounded by a group of young people, I had quite a sense of existence and I really enjoyed it." Wa Jai remembered that he sang in secondary school, but he did not think about competing because he did not feel he sang too well. "Later when I became a singer, even I didn't expect to. However the more I sang the more I liked it!"

First time in a movie, Ashley Lam Hoi Ling was the 20 year old daughter of Mimi Kung Chi Yan. She played a love comes first secondary school student who lost herself and lived in fear. In one scene she was cutting herself after a heartbreak. She admitted that during the shoot she didn't know why whenever she picked up a razor she would be very sad, inside she thought how much pain one person had to be in to cut their own skin. "Maybe the pain was enormous, we neglected many people who were in pain around us but we couldn't see them. Thus after shooting this scene I was a little upset myself." In real life, Ashley felt that she was a sensible girl and would not put love first. She would try to analyze matters with reason. Did her first love happen at school? Ashley said that she was really so busy that she did not have time to date. She said, "It wasn't that my family was strict or I was very obedient, only I was very busy at school and at work. I didn't even have enough time to sleep. In addition I was a little slow, I might not be able to tell whether the person was interested in me. I would take it naturally and would deliberately plan it!"

Acting for the first time, Ashley at first also felt the pressure. Because she had several pages of dialogue, she did not know how to interpret them. Luckily elder Lau Tak Wa really knew how to ease the tension on the set. She also pointed out that while performing she was still in secondary school, thus the character resembled her. Everyday at 4PM after school the team would pick her up and she would go to the set in her school uniform and carrying a book bag. She also had to work from 5:30 PM to midnight. After getting home she still had to do her homework until 3 AM. She endured for about 3 months. "The entire film and my secondary school memories have already merged into one, which to me is truly very memorable." Ashley's Mommy Mimi Kung Chi Yan had rich performance experience but never took the initiative to teach her acting. Ashley thought that Mommy would advise her on acting, but instead she got encouragement. She said, "At this moment what the audience sees isn't what acting ability I have. The most valuable is our enthusiasm, sincerity and young people's youth. Mommy told me to put my heart into the performance, then the audience would feel it. However when I ran into any performance problem I would ask her. She would answer them for me!"

Another new actor Ng Wing Sze played a lower class member who lived in a subdivided sublet. Her father Vincent Wan Yeung Ming married her step mother and had another baby. The economic pressure on the family was enormous. She in order to satisfy her own Cosplay dream went to work part time to help the family. Ng Wing Sze said that her father in the film was rather similar to her father in real life, both were very chauvinistic and reluctant to express their feelings for their daughter. "My Papa is very chauvinistic, in the past we couldn't communicate. He would release his emotions on me. When I was little I didn't understand why Papa was like this. After growing up I knew that Papa had enormous pressure from work but didn't know how to express himself. Actually he loved me and I would try to communicate with him. I would dine with him and chat with him more." She said that Papa gave her a great degree of freedom, supported what she liked to do. Ng Wing Sze has been in the business for 4 years, but new actor's income was not considered stable. After graduating from secondary school she worked part time. She did not want Papa to worry either. If she had the ability she would like Papa to have a better live. Ng Wing Sze worked with a group of new actors, feeling that everyone was actually very nice and very quiet. In the film they had to play band 3 students. The director asked everyone to be a little more mischievous. The biggest gain this time for her was working with elder Wa Jai. When unnatural scenes appeared during the production, Wa Jai would cheer them up. "In one scene he was angry, we felt that he really was a little mad. We were stunned, our response was also very real!"

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