Monday, November 9, 2020


Lead actress Birdy Wong says that the director Joly Wong selling her property to finance the movie is a very passionate move.
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The new director Joly Tse Lok Yi directed, Wong He and stage actress Birdy Wong Ching Yan starred domestic film TAKE THE BAD WITH THE GOOD (JIU DAN CHUEN SAU) yesterday held its premiere at the Hong Kong Art Center. Lam Yat Hey attended in support. Wong Hei revealed that director Tse Lok Yi sold her property to raise fund to make the movie. She did not reveal the figure. She did not feel releasing her new film during the "pandemic" was risky either. She said that with the streaming platforms now, recovering some of the cost would not be too hard. As for casting Wong He in the lead, Tse Lok Yi joked that after seeing his performance in BATON felt that he met the stiff, cool yet cute element she needed. She said that she already expected the risk of casting two "yellow artists". Earlier she asked two cinemas that showed independent films and was turned away. However they did not give a reason and she thought speculating would be pointless; she did not know whether the film will be released on cinema circuits. She would let it up to fate.

Wong Ching Yan said that working with Wong He was not stressful. Instead she knew that he was demanding about the script and the performance, she was afraid that she would not perform well enough. Did expressing her political views affect her work? She stated that she has not been affected because she focused on Hong Kong, Korean and Japanese stage market. In addition she still believed in freedom of speech. "At first I thought that (the film) might not be able to be released in Hong Kong, so when I found out TAKE THE BAD WITH THE GOOD would open I was very pleasantly surprised."

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