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On the coldest day of last year, Pakho Chau had to shoot a torture scene in the water with Kenneth Chan
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Pakho Chau in the new film THE INFERNAL WALKER (MO GAN HUNG JEH ji SUN SEI CHIM HUNG) had many action scenes, for him the most memorable was Kenneth Chan Kai Tai tossed him into the sea and tortured him. He pointed out that the shoot took place on the coldest day. Despite the team already prepared many items to keep warm, he still inevitably got sick after the shoot. That day next to the location was a dead and bloated rat, each time he thought of it he got nauseous!

The Michael Tse Tin Wa, Pakho Chau, Shiga Lin starred new film THE INFERNAL WALKER is in release now. Pakho in the film had many action scenes, he said that before hand he needed to put in some work and practice in order to complete them in the safest condition. "Fights, car chases, explosions, water scene, all these action scenes had their own difficulties. When I shot the scene in water it was the coldest day in 2019."

The water scene Pakho talked about was the scene in which Chan Kai Tai threw him into the sea and tortured him. "During the shoot it was the coldest day, around 8 degrees (Celsius). Although the team prepared clothing, ginger water and other items to keep warm, during the official shoot I had to be in the water for a long period of time. In addition I often drank seawater, it wasn't just by the mouthful, haha! I really drank a belly full of seawater. When you were in the water for a longer period he would have hypothermia, so after the shoot I really got sick." However he felt the most horrifying was next to the location was a dead and bloated rat. He joked that each time he remembered it he would be nauseous, but that was filmmaking.

In the film he became distraught, he pointed out at the time before taking his mark he had to sit to the side to cultivate his emotions. The entire team did not dare to make any noise for him to cultivate his emotions and get into character. Finally it became this memorable scene. Would he break down and cry to release his emotions privately? He said, "Actually I am a crybaby, but I would also constantly laugh. I guess this is my extreme personality. Luckily I like to express myself, I wouldn't always hide everything. Otherwise it might not be mentally unhealthy." Pakho and Shiga have known each other for over a decade, whether in film, on television and music they have worked together many times. This time in INFERNAL they already played a couple for the fourth time. They both pointed out that thus they had even more chemistry. When they rehearsed they would get into the mood even easier. They would have a lot of communication on the set as well, hoping that each time they would be able to give everyone a different feeling. As for working with Tse Tin Wa this "undercover" elder, Pakho admitted that he felt the pressure. However it was also a motivation to adjust himself to be even more serious, more accurate. He said that Tse Tin Wa during the shoot often advised him, from which he benefit a lot.

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