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Sean Lau wears 70 pounds of gear for the role.  As soon as his helmet is removed he says he feels a little dizzy from the heat.

Sean Lau and Andy Lau still have a lot to talk about after 18 years apart
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courtesy of singtao.com

The Andy Lau Tak Wa produced and starred SHOCK WAVE 2 (CHAK DAN JUEN GA 2) will open at the end of this year. Sean Lau Ching Wan in the film played a "bomb disposal expert" chief inspector. During the production, he often had to wear the 70 pound bomb disposal gear. On the first day of work, Ching Wan and Lau Tak Wa had to work on a "bomb removal" scene. In "full gear" Lau Chung Wan looked hoeric in front of the camera, but after the shot he removed his helmet and joked that he was a little dizzy from the heat and said, "the job isn't easy."

However, the film's director Herman Yau Lai To seemed to agree. He joked that Ching Wan played a fire fighter in the film LIFELINE (SUP MAN FOR GUP), he should be more than able to handle it physically; Ching Wan was asked whether being a bomb disposal expert or a fire fighter was tougher? He said, "Actually the bomb disposal expert's equipment is much heavier than those of the fire fighter's. The fire fighter's uniform isn't heavy, only the oxygen tank is. However if the production process is included, then playing a fire fighter is a little tougher. Ultimately the bomb disposal expert doesn't have to run away, go up and down stairs; but playing a fire fighter you have to run back and forth, the physical exertion is more."

In addition, Ching Wan and Lau Tak Wa have not worked together for 18 years but they are full of chemistry. Off camera they chatted and joked, often discussing beauty, cars and other topics. Lau Ching Wan said, "We have many different subjects, but we talk the most about the plot."

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