Friday, November 27, 2020


Chiu Sin Hang directs and stars in ONE SECOND CHAMPION
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Chiu Sin Hang is unable to leave his character after the shoot ends

Endy Chow and Chiu Sin Hang already start training 6 months before the shoot begins
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The Chiu Sin Hang directed film ONE SECOND CHAMPION (YAT MIU KUEN WONG) will open soon. Several actors including Hang Jai, Endy Chow Kwok Yin, Justin Cheung Kin Sing and Chanon Santinatornkul played boxers and had to train until their muscles exploded. In the film Chow Kwok Yin was born with the ability to see one second in advance, but he never cherished it until he ran into the Hang Jai played second generation gym owner and opened an all new chapter in his life as he fought for himself. In a boxing film actors inevitably would get hurt. Hang Jai said that Chanon busted Chow Kwok Yin's eye in the film. When they got the wrap fight scene, Chanon's elbow hit Chow Kwok Yin accidentally and he required 8 stitches at the hospital. He was left with a scar under the corner of his right eye, which also became the film's climax. Hang Jai said that originally this scene did not exist, at the time they were only testing camera angles. He joked that perhaps Thai had Muay Thai fighting genes, so his punches were fast, vicious and accurate. In an accident he really hit Chow Kwok Yin. Although it was an accident, because it was shot, Hang Jai after watching the footage felt it was decent and put it into the film.

In addition, Chow Kwok Yin's emotional disorder was rumored to have returned and he needed to leave Hong Kong to rest. Hang Jai said, "I have been calling him, actually every artist has many emotions that they need to handle. The time required is different. He is fine, no one needs to worry." Chow Kwok Yin earlier attended the ONE SECOND CHAMPION premiere, he appeared to be in decent spirit and probably was fine.

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