Friday, November 27, 2020


Harriet Yang gives an exaggerated performance for comedic effect
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Artist Harriet Yang Sze Man played a pregnant woman in the film THE CALLING OF A BUS DRIVER (AH SOK DIK GOO SI). Kaki Sham upset her so much that she went into labor, thus she cried and screamed inside the bus! Playing the delivery guy Kaki Sham and station manager Ben Yuen Fu Wa used every trick in the book to distract her to hilarious results! Shrimp Head admitted that she was very happy to work with fellow stage actor Yuen Fu Wa. "We both act in plays, so we would both use very high energy, rather exaggerated methods to perform. During the shoot I became very in character. Although I almost lost my voice from yelling, the shoot was a lot of fun." Yuen Fu Wa also said, "Each actor had the most fun they could, I never thought that the director would use alternative methods to bring back some classic scenes in this film."

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