Saturday, April 3, 2021


Jo Kuk praises her younger daughter for her ability to learn her lines
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Jo Kuk Cho Lam yesterday attended a children dance school opening. She said that her 8 and 6 year old daughters took ballet and jazz dance lessons, but all academic interest classes were cancelled. Siu Kuk joked, "My two daughters in math class were like they were dreaming, so I would rather cultivate their performance art sides. The older one loves singing, the younger one loves acting. Both have a strong desire to perform!"

Siu Kuk pointed out that her daughters recently went to learn behind the scene production technique. Normally they would secretly take her phone to make their own funny videos. They would play small guitars and sing. They even created their own music and lyrics. Sometimes they would shoot her in secret and post it in the family group. Siu Kuk said that her daughters might have inherited her performance talent. Earlier her young daughter guest starred in the pandemic charity film ALL U NEED IS LOVE (JUNG SI YAU OI JOI GAK LEI). Siu Kuk said that one of the directors Gordon Chan Ka Seung asked for a girl to play a tomboy role, but could not find the right choice despite looking for a long time. "This is exactly what my younger daughter looks like. When she went to see the director she didn't need to audition. At first I was afraid that she would be scared to meet people, I would be really embarrassed if she hindered others. However I was very surprised that my daughter was very calm. She is going to an international school and is used to speaking English. I taught her the Chinese dialogue and she was able to remember it all." Siu Kuk also pointed out that her younger daughter was very focused. She would face the camera and act. As soon as the production yelled cut she would put away her smile and went to watch the playback with (Fiona) Sit Hoi Kei and (Carlos) Chan Ka Lok. She followed what the adults did exactly and thought that it was a required part of filmmaking. Siu Kuk also said that she would not hinder her chance to learn if another suitable opportunity would arise. She still would let her younger daughter try to act again, but she did not deliberately want her to be a star. "I am an actor too, I would treat acting as a job!"

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