Tuesday, April 6, 2021


Joey Leungagreed with MIRROR that fans hindered the production, which lead to the dispute

Johnnie To praised MIRROR's performance

Director Johnnie To announced a collaboration project with ViuTV
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KING MAKER III's Alina is suspected of wardrobe malfunction during her performance

Keung To allegedly yelled at fans

Joey Leung stuck close to co-star Hailey Chan
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Keung To says that he would not sell out fans or make fun of them

ERROR with the top 8 Miss Masks

Hailey Chan and Johnny have been called ViuTV's top stars

Joey Leung says that he remained unaffected by MIRROR fans' scolding

Alina and AnsonBean

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ViuTV yesterday held its 5th anniversary and announced its collaboration project with director Johnnie To Kei Fung. MIRROR also took the opportunity to fight for the opportunity as they hoped to make a mob comedy! MIRROR also clarified their dispute with fans. Keung To even made a rare statement that he would not use and sell out fans!

ViuTV's 5th anniversary event invited around 300 clients, both series and variety programs lured clients with the station's own "biological sons" MIRROR and ERROR. "All Purpose Johnny" led the hosts and went against tradition as they first showed appreciation before the performance, thanking viewers and clients for their support in the past 5 years. MIRROR, P1X3L and KING MAKER III's top three performed to heat up the atmosphere. ERROR's 193 and Fat Boy also led the top 8 "Miss Masks" in their campaigns for votes. Director To Kei Fung announced his collaboration project with ViuTV but did not discuss any detail. To Sir joked that he has already forgotten his speech from when ViuTV opened. "I am the oldest all day! Suddenly I seem to have gone into a time tunnel. In 1974 when I was at the training class, I was like them! In the past 5 years, ViuTV broke out of the television scene. From the programs this time I saw the younger generation has quite an opportunity!" However, To Sir mistook MIRROR as appliance brand miele. "I very rarely watch concerts, but this time I thought their performance was pretty OK!"

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