Monday, April 12, 2021


Yu Mo Lin has been bed ridden for half a year
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Tang Tat Chi says that Yu Mo Lin's recovery progress has been good
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The 83 year old Yu Mo Lin was rumored to have a rare blood infection, once requiring intubation to assist with her breathing. Luckily her condition has already turned stable. Earlier the doctor removed the tube. She was also able to eat soft rice, have physical therapy to train her arm and leg strength. Yu Mo said that on the 16th she would arrange for her Indonesian domestic assistant to come to the hospital, for the medical personnel to teach the caretaker how to take care of her. She believed that she would be released from the hospital very soon. Yu Mo yesterday spoke just after lunch. "I had vegetable and minced pork, now I am having soft rice out of fear of choking. My appetite has been decent, I can have more than half a bowl of rice. I can use chopsticks on the dishes."

Yu Mo also revealed that due to the intubation, her voice remained hoarse and needed to slowly recover. She also said that currently she was less than mobile and had to use adult diapers. After lunch the doctor would arrange for physical therapy for her. Aside from cycling, she also had to use two pound sand bags on her legs to train her leg strength. She could walk two laps with a walking cart, she no longer had problem with her breathing. She only needed to eat more rice, have the strength to walk then she would be released from the hospital. She also said that after the tube was removed her mood has already improved a lot, but the bed sore on her rear from being bed ridden for half a year really hurt.

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