Friday, April 9, 2021


"Mean wife" Hedwig Tam has Kevin Chu under surveillance
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Kaki Sham, Carlos Chan and Kevin Chu are like TOM, DICK AND HAIRY 

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The Emperor Motion Picture READY O/R KNOT (BUT YUT SING FUN) had many funny spots, the publicly recognized pleasant surprise would be when Kevin Chu Pak Hong wanted to call the Hedwig Tam Sin Yin played mean wife "dummy" but accidentally typed something worse. In the film Carlos Chan Ka Lok and Kaki Sham saw in the group their brother was "in trouble", so they cheered for him and hoped that he would make the correction in time. The scene was both tense and hilarious!

Actually the joke happened to Ka Lok. He said, "As of right now, I still don't know how to type that word. So I had to type something else and let autofill do the rest. Luckily I have never accidentally forget to erase what I typed first, but I already feel this joke is very real!"

Chu Hong remembered when they shot this scene the director suggested for a contest to keep from laughing. Whoever could hold their laughter the least would have to buy dinner. Chu Hong predicted that the honest Ka Lok was the favorite to treat, because every time he would confess that he couldn't hold back and laugh. However after learning his lesson, he gradually learned to tell the director that the inability to hold his laughter was a part of his act.

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