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Actor turned director Wong Chung directed many films, including the Chow Yun Fat and Joey Wong starred FRACTURED FOLLIES

Wong Chung starred in THE KING OF BEGGARS with the late Ng Man Tat
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Wong Chung was active in film in the 70s and the 80s.  His final film was Johnnie To's ELECTION
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Wong Chung was both an actor and a director
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Veteran actor Wong Chung (originally named Chiang Pui Kwan) earlier passed away at age 74. The funeral will take place on April 20th at the Universal Funeral Parlor. He took part in films like KING OF BEGGARS and THE IMP.

Wong Chung's younger brother was artist Wong Ching (Big Mouth Ching). His cousin was John Chiang Dai Wai. Chiang Dai Wai said that he heard about his cousin's passing from a friend, but because they have lost contact for decades he was unable to reach his family. "We found the number for Wong Chung's nephew, but he didn't respond. Maybe he wanted to remain low key. I just want to see if I can help." Chiang Dai Wai pointed out that when they were little his relationship with Wong Chung was decent. They lived upstairs and downstairs from each other and were childhood playmates.

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