Saturday, April 10, 2021


Keung Nei and director Ho Lik Hang
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The film I STILL REMEMBER...(YI CHI YUN SUN) film exhibit yesterday officially opened in Sai Ying Pun, one of the stars Johnny Hui Pok Man (Keung Nei) and director Ho Lik Hang showed their support. Keung Nei felt that the film was not the typical inspirational film, which enabled the audience to examine anew and determine the value of life.

Speaking of his smooth film and television development, aside from hosting he also was a guest performer on CHILL CLUB. He was the new generation "master key". Keung Nei joked, "I can't say that. CHILL CLUB just asked me to hold the spot." He mentioned that a year and a half go he worked on I, at the time he still has not made SINGLE PAPA. He thanked the director for trusting him. "I really like to act, it's a strong interest, the addicted type. Either don't let me start, once started I couldn't stop. I hope to keep having the chance to perform from now on."

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