Saturday, April 17, 2021


Anthony Chan and Becky Lee (left) appear on Nancy Sit (center)'s radio program
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Becky Lee Bik Kei and Karen Kong (Kung Or Won) two nights ago attended the gospel film EMBRACE (DUN YUT GOR YUNG PO)'s audience appreciation event. They said that they almost went all over Hong Kong for audience appreciation events. Although they did not know about the performance yet, but if the box office would surpass HK$ 10 million they would cook to thank the audience. TVB recently ran the series LAW DIS-ORDER in memory of Liu Kai Chi. A part of the series, Lee Bik Kei stated that she did not dare to watch the re-run. She said that when she heard the news that day she was very heart broken, and could not help but send a text message to Uncle Chi's phone and expressed her feelings to him. Kung Or Won once studied acting with the earlier passed Radio Hong Kong DJ Connie Yim King. After hearing the news she too succumbed to tears during a live broadcast.

In addition, Lee Bik Kei and Anthony Chan Yau yesterday promoted their new film on the radio. Chan Yau said that when he was little he had cornea surgery, so he could easily have glaucoma. Later he discovered that he needed surgery for the glaucoma problem.

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