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Tony Wu during the pandemic enrolled in acting classes, confirmed his direction and kept working toward becoming an actor

Johnny Hui plays Tony Wu's buddy and they often encourage each other

Tony Wu's former relationship with Stephanie Au caught attention.  He said that the breakup was only one of life's experiences

Tony Wu with WEEDS OF FIRE won the Hong Kong Film Award Best New Actor
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Former athlete Tony Wu Tsz Tung in 2016 made his first film WEEDS ON FIRE (DIM NG BO) and with it received the Hong Kong Film Award Best New Actor. With a head start, Wu Tsz Tung had many opportunities to perform. However like his recent film I STILL REMEMBER...(YI CHI YUN SUN)'s character Lee Chi Hang, he was uncertain about his life goals until the last year's pandemic, when he came in contact with alot about this business, went to some classes, and had even deeper knowledge of performing before confirming his goal of becoming an actor. He said, "Performing isn't just memorizing lines, there are still many things to keep in mind and learn. I want to be an actor with high potential, I hope that when directors think of choices for characters, they would think of me."

Wu Tsz Tung at first just wanted to what show business and acting were about, so he got into the business. His first film already brought him an award. He said, "After the award, many people asked me if I had any pressure and burden. Honestly, completely not. When I first got into the business I had absolutely no idea that the award represented recognition and the ticket to being an actor. I never gave myself any pressure. Even now when someone says to me, 'You have already been in the business for several years, your acting should have improved' I still don't have any pressure. The most important is to do the job in front of you well."

Did he have no pressure in the face of comments? Wu Tsz Tung said, "I want to know how others see me, but I wouldn't put a lot of weight on it. When I know how to the outside sees myself, I would filter and examine that. (Would it affect your mood?) It would, but I would be able to adjust very quickly. Not everything would go my way, and make everyone like me. When other people say I am not good, it doesn't mean that I am not. The most important is how you see yourself. I am very lucky, earlier someone attacked me online. I didn't mind and didn't retaliate."

When he was down in the film, he had good friend Johnny Hui but his side. In real life, he also had many "Johnnies". Aside from his brothers from his baseball days, he also had three good brothers in the same company Kevin Chu Kam Yin, Ng Siu Hin, Lam Ka Hei. They developed at the same time, witnessed each other's growth, rises and falls, when something happened they would talk about it together. Wu Tsz Tung said, "I cherish our relationship very much. (Everyone developed differently, you wouldn't be jealous?) I definitely wouldn't, I believe they wouldn't either. I have said to them, 'maybe in the first 10 meters I was faster, the 30 meters after, you may overtake me. Everyone is heading toward the finish line, likes acting, and wants to be a good actor.'"

Was his lowest point in his career the breakup with old flame Stephanie Au Hoi Shun? Wu Tsz Tung felt that this was just one of the experiences in life. Maybe because he was an artist, he became everyone's focus. "Looking back now, it's OK. Everyone has been in a breakup. Instead in third year in the business, I felt I was a little lost. I seemed to be very busy, but I didn't know what I was doing until last year's pandemic. I had time to think and digest, to make sure what I want to do, whether I want to keep being an actor. From when I learned to understand this business and performing more, to starting over this year it has been great. Earlier when I auditioned for a movie, I had the courage to use what I learned and I really did it. It couldn't have felt greater. I didn't care whether I was hired in the end, at least I was more certain about my direction. I would describe myself as a new actor anymore. I have to keep going, even a little improvement is good."

How did he get out of the bottom after the breakup? He said, "I had to rely on myself, just like in I, Tam Yiu Man, Johnny and others cheered for you, enlightened you, you still had to rely on yourself to crawl up and go to the finish line."

Wu Tsz Tung was full of determination, but would he feel that he was born in the wrong time. Hong Kong film production rate dwindled year after year, most recently someone even said that "Hong Kong film is dead"? Wu Tsz Tung disagreed. "Right now I am still doing interviews, how can Hong Kong film be dead? I am confident, this maybe a time to spring up new. We have many new directors, new actors, and many people are studying film. I am also a guest at the invitation of an university's film society to share my performing experience."

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