Saturday, June 4, 2022

[2022.06.04] NEVER FORGET


[Revolution of Our Times June 1st Worldwide Online Release!]

It’s been 3 years since 2019, the team of "Revolution of Our Times" and the protesters in the film share the same belief in letting the world know about our struggle through the documentary, and to witness the determination and courage of the Hongkongers in the pursuit of democracy and freedom.

Never forget why we started this journey, we hope the documentary will travel far, and reach out to more people. “Revolution of Our Times” has been recognised by world-renowned film festivals and awards, it was then released in theaters in various countries and community screenings were held everywhere. The team has been receiving numerous enquiries from audiences around the world who still have not seen the film, the team therefore decided to release “Revolution of Our Times” on Vimeo, the online streaming platform, on the 1st June, 2022, so the world can finally have the chance to see it . There will be two versions to choose from, "Chinese and English subtitled" and "English only subtitled" versions, more versions in other languages will be available in the future. Please spread this important news and continue supporting the distribution of “Revolution of Our Times” in different countries.

Pre-order links: English only subtitled version -
Chinese and English subtitled version -

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