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Kevin Cheng feels that the best response to nonsense is no response
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Kevin Cheng's mood is unaffected by gossip

Dada Chan says that she is no match for Rebecca Zhu in a fight
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Kevin Cheng says that his wife Grace Chan has not been affected by the DNA test challenge

Dada Chan and Rebecca Zhu play mistress vs. wife in a fight scene
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The film BURNING (FUN SUN) last night held a premiere. Actors Kevin Cheng Ka wing, Dada Chan Jing, Rebecca Zhu and Helena Law Lan attended.

Cheng Ka wing's wife Grace Chan Ho Lam would celebrate her 31st birthday today. Last night because she had to care for their sons at home she did not attend the premiere, but as in previous years they would celebrate as a couple at a hotel. This would be the seventh year already. Speaking of Grace's twin brother Derek's latest photo with their father led to online controversy, as Joseph Lam Chok offered HK$ 1 million for Derek to take a DNA test with his father. Chai Hoi Lam's sister Joyce responded on social media. "Mr. Lam, wouldn't 1 million be too little?" Lam also prepared to ask his mother to add to the offer. Would this incident ruin his mood to celebrate with his wife? Ka Wing replied, "The mood of those involved wasn't ruined, why would my mood be affect?" How did Grace and Derek feel? He said, "As far as I know everything is normal!" Speaking of big sister Joyce joking about Lam's 1 million offer being too little and Lam would ask his mother to add to it, Ka Wing said, "This is all personal perspective. I feel everyone is clear about what the goal is. It's nonsense. Not responding is the best response. I would say the same time if you ask me 100 times, if I keep answering and you keep asking he would just keep going. Why not put an end to it?" Did Lam Chok causing trouble upset him? He said that everyone had their own perspective, the most important was that he would be able to happily eat.

As for the birthday gift for his wife, Ka Wing joked, "It's a secret. I am not a romantic person, it wouldn't be a surprise. I don't need to surprise my wife either, as I am afraid of scaring her more than pleasing her. We are very solid. When she needs a computer I would give her one. It doesn't have to wait for birthdays." Would he try for another child on the birthday? He said, "Is that related? Let's have fun first on the birthday, once a year isn't good. I don't have to wait until the birthday to have fun. As for having a baby next time you ask my wife, it's not my call." Would he watch the movie to celebrate, as in it he and Chan Jing had many exciting passion scenes. Ka wing said, "Don't dig a hole for me to step into, she probably would watch it. If I watch it with her I can hold her back!"

Chan Jing said that she invited many couple friends to this premiere, because this time was like teaching material. She was the bad example while Rebecca Zhu was the good one. The audience would be able to consider and the next generation would be warned about interpersonal relationships. In the film Chu Chu and Dada had a fight scene. Chu Chu joked that Dada strangled her, Dada also said that Chu Chu with her dance background fought very well, but the most exciting was their 'bed sharing' scene with Ka Wing."

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