Tuesday, June 21, 2022


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After 40 years in business, the Jumbo floating restaurant was the collective memory of Hong Kong people. Classic Hong Kong films like GOD OF COOKERY and INFERNAL AFFAIRS 2 shot on location there. Yet due to the pandemic the business came to a halt and finally officially closed this month. Earlier after towed out of Hong Kong it reportedly sank in the South China Sea. With a part in GOD OF COOKERY, Nancy Sit Ka Yin still remembered when she shot the film there and admitted that its sudden sinking was both regrettable and sad.

Sit Ka Yin in the film GOD OF COOKERY played the judge "Taste Princess". Sister Ka Yin yesterday responded to the sinking of Jumbo. "I am very shocked. Everyone shared the same thought, although it moved away we hoped that it would be safe elsewhere. Perhaps later it would have a chance to return to Hong Kong for everyone to relive their memories, to board Jumbo again and dine. When I was little, this place was already a landmark. I was already having tea here when I was little. When overseas friends came to Hong Kong it was a must see landmark. Taking the boat from Aberdeen to eat at Jumbo was very special. The design and the ingredients inside were great, so Sing Yeh was drawn to shoot GOD OF COOKERY at this place."

Shooting on location on Jumbo was still memorable for Ka Yin. She recalled, "I remember back then just my scene took four to five days, because this scene was hard to shoot. It was a big scale scene. I never thought that only appearing at the end of the year as a judge would leave such a deep impression with everyone. So shooting on location on Jumbo to me was a very unforgettable memory and documentation. To the people of Hong Kong and tourists who have been to Hong Kong, conceivably it was worth savoring. I really never thought that it would suddenly sink after being towed elsewhere. It was regrettable. I felt very upset inside. It was hard to forget, it left a lot of beautiful memories in the minds of everyone."

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