Thursday, June 9, 2022


Louis Cheung

Mandy Tam
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Jason Wu, Mandy Tam and Louis Cheung
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Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Jason Wu Cheuk Hei and Mandy Tam Man Huen yesterday attended a sports brand flagship store opening. The trio showed off their basketball skills. The avid sports lover Cheung Kai Chung said that in secondary school he was on the sport team. 10 years go he was still playing in tournaments, but in recent years due to work he could not practice with his team. Thus he switched to working out and long distance running. He would also participate in marathon races. Although he was not professional, he was still better than the average person.

He said that he trained in running for two years for a movie, but due to the pandemic and script changes the production still has not yet begun. Thus he still ran 6 days a week, over 200 kilometers a month.

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