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The Raymond Wong Pak Ming produced, Edmond Wong Chi Wun written and Lau Wai Hung directed new film BURNING (FUN SUN) starred Kevin Cheng Ka Wing, Dada Chan Jing, Rebecca Zhu, Edmond So Chi Wai, Helena Law Lan, Chan Ka Sin, Cheung King Yan and others. Yesterday the Hong Kong poster and trailer was released as the Hong Kong release on June 30th was announced! From the poster and the trailer, Chan Jing in the film played an obsessed third party who interfered Cheng Ka Wing and his wife Rebecca Zhu's marriage, attacked with different ways to steal him away. She even became the piano teacher of Ka Wing's son, doing everything she could to occupy Ka Wing. In real life however everyone said that the story would not happen to them, because they were all sensible and understood consequences.

In reality Ka Wing is both a kind father and loving husband. How would he handle outside distractions? He stated that he would use any and all means to keep them from happening, because he could not bear the consequences. In addition he cherished his family very much, and he disliked drinking. "I feel the (cheating) possibility is almost zero. I no longer go out, I am at home everyday aside from playing sports or dinner with friends. Actually my wife knows my friends or has contact with them. My wife knows everything that happens with me, so the chance of this story happening to me is zero. Aside from playing sports I am at home, how could I cheat?"

Dada described herself as someone who was very sensible and clear cut with love. With members of opposite sex with other halves she would not have further exchange and keep her distance to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding. "Becoming friends would be very hard. I wouldn't ask them out, I wouldn't chat with them, because I couldn't make any mistake with this. I don't want others to treat me this way either, so I wouldn't treat others this way. I believe this world has cause and effect." Rebecca Zhu in the film encountered Dada's interference into her relationship with her husband. Chu Chu said that her role was very kind, keeping her child in mind and wanting to keep the family whole. If it would happen to her what would she do? "For me, I feel with children, no matter what happens family would come first. However if it was just dating then I wouldn't necessarily do this."

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