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Timmy Hung Tin Ming, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Maggie Siu Mei Kei, Cheung Tat Ming and others starred in the new film A MURDER ERASED (BEI SIU SUT DIK HUNG ONG), which is currently in release. In the film Tin Ming played a character who lived in a subdivided room and had rheumatoid arthritis and eczema problems. Each time for work he had to spend 6 to 7 hours on special effect make up. His hands and joints all had blisters and the make up was rather detailed.

In recent years Tin Ming has been stationed in the Mainland for work for a long time, constantly apart from his family. While working on A MURDER ERASED he got a rare stay in Hong Kong. During the shoot his wife Janet Chow Ka Wai brought their two sons to visit the set.

On the set his two sons not only sat on his lap but also kept running around Tin Ming. His younger son was very interested in Tin Ming's special effect make up, and tried to feel Tin Ming's uneven arms. Tin Ming patiently explained that those were symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and eczema. Due to work Tin Ming was unable to return to Hong Kong to promote the film, so earlier he promoted online. Tin Ming not only hoped for success for the film but also for the pandemic to end soon, so he would be able to return home.

In an intimate relationship with Tin Ming in the film, Dada Chan Jing said that the most memorable was when she became terminally ill and gave her final wishes to Tin Ming and her son. Before the shoot Dada and Tin Ming quietly sat apart to cultivate their emotions. When the actual shoot came Tin Ming and Dada automatically were moved to tears. Dada explained, "In the film my character finally found true love, and was happy for awhile. On her death bed she wanted those around me not to be sad, so she spoke from her heart with a smile to them and wished that they would properly live on; in real life I feel when someone pass, being surrounded by the people they love is already a very touching event. This was the firs time I played this type of death bed confession scenes. Tin Ming is a great actor as well, acting with him is very comfortable. The result of the scene was very touching!"

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