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Kevin Cheng and Dada Chan set the ground rules for their passionate bed scenes before hand


Dada Chan gets her wish to play a mental patient and challenge her acting

Rebecca Zhu says that she has a very open standard and looks forward to going even further
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Dada Chan, Kevin Cheng and Rebecca Zhu promote BURNING
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In the film BURNING (FUN SUN), Dada Chan Jing played a piano teacher who interfered into doctor Kevin Cheng Ka Wing and his wife Rebecca Zhu's marriage. Dada said, "This time I played an obsessed woman. Finally I could play a mental patient. I was able to jump out of the frame and play patient with post traumatic disorder, fear of closed space and paranoia and fear. I actually love Ka Wing to the point of madness, with a destructive tendency, which gave my acting bug its fill!" However she joked that in real life she had not love so "insanely", because she was very sensible with relationships. She absolutely would not love to hurt others! Cheng Ka wing said that he did not have any way to contact Zhu Chenli and Chan Jing because he had no need at all.

Has Ka Wing ran into the other half who was this obsessed with him? Ka Wing said, "I really don't want to, this is men's worst nightmare. I don't want it to happen. For a married man with a family and wife and children he really loved, I absolutely wouldn't want this to happen." He pointed out that in the film he did not know whether they had a relationship, because the character got drunk and blacked out. He could not remember it, only that he was in trouble. In real life would this happen? Ka Wing said, "No, when a man blacked out maybe something would happen. 30% consciousness while you were drunk. Since I was unconscious. I would definitely know if I was 2/3 drunk. Since I was unconscious what would happen. It's impossible for me, so it's a con. In the story it probably didn't happen either!"

Was the opposite sex off limits to him after marriage? Ka Wing admitted that he had no phone or email contact with Dada and Zhu Lichen. "If necessary I would avoid any misunderstanding, if anything happens we would communicate at work!" What if the other person ask for his number? He felt that this would not be necessary. If they wanted it then something else would happen. Even with being friends he had neither the time nor the interest. "Now my life is all work, sports, remote controlled car racing. The rest of the time I would be with my wife and two sons. So when you ask for my number, if it's work the call would go to my manager. For private use it's unnecessary!" In that phone would he remove all female friends' phone number? Ka Wing said, "Then you wouldn't need to, if you don't want to listen put it on mute until it would stop!" Was his wife Grace Chan Hoi Lam very at ease? Ka Wing joked, "I hope, but I wouldn't tell her to relax. It's my everyday performance, but everyday I am at home. What else would I do?"

In BURNING Ka Wing and Dada had no bed scene, but a passionate struggle near the piano and barricade. Ka Wing said that Grace did not come to supervise, but he gave her advanced warning on which passion scenes would be shot. "Although I don't need to talk in discussion, I still have to tell her. If not I would probably be dead!" Speaking of intimate scene, Ka Wing admitted that it was more awkward for me than Dada. "Actors would always be more awkward than actresses, they also want any misunderstanding the least. Because girls wouldn't be thought of as the problem, but if actors have to have some violent behavior, it would lead to many problems. Thus during the shoot we had to be clear. The script only briefly described in text and not specifically say the standard of physical contact. I kept thinking about the visual and the level of standard. In order to achieve good result, after communicating with Dada we began the shoot."

Dada said that while working on the intimate scenes Ka Wing was just as serious. He would pay attention to the result visually, so she was very grateful to him. "Actually for this type of scenes not just the girl would be scared, the fear is even to both male and female. So we properly communicate where we couldn't touch. We would try to avoid them. During the performance we would try to coordinate with the character!" Ka wing praised Dada for her professionalism. "She is an actor with a lot of sense. She is sentimental. Without regard for skill she would have unexpected result!" Dada praised Ka Wing and said that she learned a lot from him, because he was able to keep his eyes all over. He was very precise with his intricate expression. Ka Wing humbly said, "I am an 'old hand'! My age really is greater than hers by a lot!"

In the film Rebecca Zhu played a kind wife and mother but lured a wolf in. She felt that the reason was she wanted to test whether her husband would cheat. In real life she never wanted to test her boyfriend, mainly because when she dated she would trust the other person 100%. She also felt that her boyfriend's score was earned. Luckily she has not run into any scum. Dada also said that when she was young she was naive. Maybe she would feel her ex boyfriend was scum, but now she would look forward to the future more than looking back at past experience. Chu Chu admitted that she really wanted to play Dada's character this time. She also wanted to play some mentally challenged or characters with mental disorder. In the past she was limited by television standards. She hoped to be able to make the challenge in film. "My standard is very wide, but no one has dared to test where my standard is and discover the dramatic effect that is impossible to happen with Zhu Chenli!"

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