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Kenny Wong, Director Mak Ho Bong and Justin Cheung appear at a Duen Ng Festival audience appreciation event
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The films BREAKOUT BROTHERS (TOH YUK HING DAI) and BREAKOUT BROTHERS 2 both days before their released ran into the pandemic rebound that forced cinemas to close. Both film releases were forced to be postponed. When the final chapter BREAKOUT BROTHERS 3 arrived, it successfully opened as scheduled on June 2nd.

BREAKOUT BROTHERS 3 finally had a smooth opening and even became the only Hong Kong film in the period. With the Duen Ng Festival long weekend, director Mak Ho Bong and stars Justin Cheung Kin Sing and Kenny Wong Tak Bun two days ago went to the movies for audience appreciation events to thank viewers for their support of BREAKOUT BROTHERS 3! Director Mak Ho Bong said, "We have the nickname 'Pandemic Brothers' because the first and the second film had to be postponed as the pandemic closed cinemas right before their releases. This time the final chapter finally was released as scheduled, we are truly very happy! I hope everyone would have fun watching it!" Tak Bun and Ah Sing both worked from the first to the third film, naturally their emotions ran deeper. "I am very happy that the final chapter finally was able to see the audience at the movies." Tak Bun said, "My character Tang Hon Chung's change was enormous, going from the prison warrant to a prisoner in the final chapter. I hope everyone would like this story when they watch at the movies." The film was the only Hong Kong film for the Duen Ng Festival slot. With a variety of foreign blockbusters, the trio thanked viewers for buying tickets. "I am very grateful to every viewers here. On this holiday of Duen Ng Festival, you are willing to choose to buy tickets and watch BREAKOUT BROTHERS 3. Hong Kong film really needs everyone's practical support. Thank you everyone."

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