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Hins Cheung's previous film was SHINING MOMENT
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Sweeping across music, advertising and internet, song king Hins Cheung King Hin reportedly has locked onto his new target as he would head toward the film industry and star in a tailor made comedy film! He let go of his song king identity and asked the director for the audience, hoping to win with his skills.

Cheung King Hin last month just finished his THE NEXT 20 concerts, meaning that he would begin working on the next 20 years of his show business career. Once people online described him as a "comedy actor hindered by his singing career". According to Oriental Daily, he would star in a comedy as its lead! Although the role would be tailor made, he knew that he lacked acting experience. Hence he asked the film company for him to go through casting first.

Hin Jai yesterday admitted that he would work on a new film, saying that he would have to be responsible to the investors, the director and the production team. "I don't want to be exempted because the company invested in the film. In order for the director and the producer to confirm that I am the right choice, I insisted on after the first draft of the script to go through casting like other actors." Reportedly the film would be based on a Korean comedy and would start production around August or September. Hin Jai said, "I am looking forward to who else would be in it, to be able to set off even more spark with them."

He recalled when the film company said that it wanted to show him a script. Before hand it did not reveal too much. "It said that one of the character was very right for me, after I read all of the script the film company and the director then said that they wanted me to be the lead in the film. After hearing that I was very happy. I was very grateful to have this opportunity, since I have always wanted to work in the film industry." Earlier in the ViuTV series 940920 he made an appearance as the heavyweight Easter Egg guest star and gave a pleasant surprise to the audience. Although he only had a several minute cameo, he already stole the show. Now his acting bug is acting up. He said, "Actually at the time many fans already asked if I would work on another series. Although singer is my real job, I have performed on the stage before and had other film experience. The most important is running into a good script, a good role, a good team. This time after meeting with the director about the script, I really liked it. I really liked this character." Reportedly the film would have a female lead, would he have any intimate scene? He said, "The script is still being edited, right now I am not sure."

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