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Cya Liu and Nicholas Tse quickly finish their airport exit scenes and leave in a hurry

Before Nicholas Tse arrives, the director shoots Cya Liu's scenes first
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Best Actor Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Cya Liu yesterday worked on their new film at the airport. At first only she could be seen, only when Ting Fung was required on the set did he suddenly appear. They worked for about 5 minutes and quickly left. Although it was a "flash shoot", he still gave a full range of emotions in his performance. He absolutely did not slack off!

The Herman Yau Lai To directed, Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Cya Liu and others starred Emperor Motion Picture HOI GUAN JIN SIN (CUSTOMS FRONT LINE) has been heating up in production. In yesterday's scene Cya Liu and friends arrived in Hong Kong, and the police sent a team to pick them up at the airport. Before places, Cya Liu frequently rehearsed with her co-stars. Director Yau Lai To also gave their directions. Although the pandemic left the airport with less traffic, some still looked on.

The production was serious as even the airport pick up scene took hours to shoot. At first only Cya Liu waited for the shoot and Ting Fung was nowhere to be seen. After she changed into another costume and prepared to take her mark, Ting Fung suddenly appeared, shot a scene in which they stepped out of the airport and left quickly as he again disappeared into the crowd. The process took only around 5 minutes.

As the film's action director, Ting Fung earlier was topless at the Central pier and showed off his 8 pack abdominal muscles. Whenever he was resting, fans rushed up for photos. He was friendly and responded to any and all requests. Perhaps the team was worried about drawing a large crowd of fans like before at the airport, they arranged for him the "flash shoot" only he was needed.

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