Monday, June 13, 2022


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Eddie Cheung Siu Fai in recent months stayed in the Mainland for work. Recently he was in Macau, by chance he ran into his "son" Hubert Wu Hung Kwan. When "father and son" reunited, they often had to have dinner and share a toast to celebrate.

Brother Fai recently shared a photo of their encounter in Macau on social media and posted, "Another time would be when? Next time would be which time? Later would be how long? The pandemic changed the fate of many, some were fated to be father and son. If fate allows they would see each other again!" Actually they played father and son in the June 23rd film release that would celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Hand Over, LOOK UP (YUT YEUNG DIK TIN HUNG)'s segment RIDING THE WIND, BREAKING THE WAVES. In it Wu Hung Kwan misunderstood Brother Fai's fatherly love for him, but in the end they were able to resolve it. The father and son relationship depicted was rather touching. Brother Fai also said, "This pair of father and son ran into each other in Macau, everyone please remember to support our movie on the 23rd!"

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