Tuesday, June 14, 2022


Lokman Yeung, Anson Kong, Bai Ling and Alton Wong
courtesy of singtao.com

MIRROR's charm is irresistible.  Even Bai Ling has to get a photo from their first meeting
courtesy of on.cc

courtesy of mingpao.com

Anson Kong recently worked on the horror film BACK HOME (CHUT YUET FAN GWAI). His 55 year old sexy co-star Bai Ling two nights ago shared a photo with AK on social media. In the photo were also his group mates Lokman Yeung and Alton Wong Chi Tak, who visited the set. Bai Ling mentioned that they were members of the famous Hong Kong group MIRROR, and said that Lokman and Alton were really very sweet to visit their group mate on the set. She joked that she hoped she did not mistype their names; and revealed that they all claimed that each one of them was the most handsome, which made her question whether it was true or not. She praised the trio as friendly and funny, stating that she liked the energy they were spreading. She even hoped to be able to watch their concert and wish them a successful performance. In addition, AK and Bai Ling's nostalgic hairstyles in the film also were revealed.

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