Saturday, June 18, 2022


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Wiyona Yeung Chi Ching (formerly Yeung Lau Ching) yesterday announced officially joining the Star Z Entertainment and received the support of friends Mui Siu Ching, Alley Chan Lok Yiu, Christy Wo Hei Man and junior colleague Maryjane Kwong Ka Yu. Joining the new company, Chi Ching immediately became a jewelry brand spokesmodel. She wore 7 figure worth pink diamond jewelry, as she showed off her figure in small white tank top.

Before officially signing her contract the boss gave her a small "fortune tree" and wished that Chi Ching would become the company's "money tree". Chi Ching described joining the new company as fulfilling a wish, because she always fantasized about having her own contract signing ceremony. She said that last year when she made LEGENDARY IN ACTION! (DAI HUP ACTION) she worked with her boss for the first time, then they clicked right away. Chi Ching revealed that the contract would be for two years. She would mainly work toward acting. when asked if the new contract would restrict Chi Ching from getting married and starting a family, she said, "I am already an old new comer, the company also has been very understanding so it didn't have this demand. I would focus on my career, let romance up to fate." As for why she would change her name, Chi Ching admitted that she changed her name for the new company because a master advised her that changing her name would help with her career.

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