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Eddie Cheung has two film releases and is not afraid of competing with himself
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Eddie Cheung Siu Fai is currently working in the Mainland, but two of his films A MURDER ERASED (BEI SIU SUT DIK HUNG ONG) and LOOK UP (YUT YEUNG DIK TIN HUNG) would open this month. Brother Fai was not afraid of "fighting himself". He only hoped that with the pandemic easing now, everyone would be able to return to the movies and relax a little and the Hong Kong film industry would be able to get back on track.

A MURDER ERASED was Dennis Law Sau Yiu directed, he and Brother Fai have worked together countless times and had chemistry to spare. This story was based on the 1983 "To Kwa Wan Road Water Tank Corpse Case". Back then Brother Fai was busy with making television series and did not pay attention to this shocking news item. He admitted, "In 1983, I worked day and night. I didn't pay attention to this case, but it doesn't matter. Director Law collected a lot of information, and he would tell me everything he has learned to make me understand how to perform and clearly know what the director wanted to express."

When this case was adapted to the big screen 30 some years later, Brother Fai was the soul character that Director Law wanted by name as he investigated the unsolved case. Brother Fai humbly said, "Then maybe I really made a veteran cop! I have worked with Mr. Law many times. He understands what I can give, and when actors know what the director wants they would just do it. I always believe that the character leads the actor. During the shoot, the most memorable was when the lawyers interrogated me. With 78 pages of paper we shot indoors for five or six days. The lights stayed on, so we didn't even know it was dark out. Sometimes we even had to change the script on the fly. The table read was a standardized exam, but everyone had a lot of fun from making it."

As the pandemic eased, cinemas opened again. Brother Fai said that he would have two movie releases this month. He said, "It just happened that way! Of course everyone is very happy about cinemas opening again. After waiting for so long, everyone wanted to stretch out and go to the movies. To have many good move releases at once is also very rare, giving me several more to knock down. Ha! Ha!"

Although he was fighting himself, MURDER and LOOK were of different genres. The characters and the personalities were also drastically different. Brother Fai gave great performances in both films. Director Law Sau Yiu and new director Poon Chi Yin were directors of two different eras. Brother Fai said, 'Different eras of course have many differences, but what they have in common is that both directors have a correct idea in their hearts. They would express visually the story they wanted to tell on screen. Basically aside from the generational atmosphere, and camera use, they thought the same way. They wanted to express what they wanted to say to others, only the method of expression was different."

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