Wednesday, June 22, 2022


Christine Ng, Christy Wo, Irene Wan
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Irene Wan dresses up for friend Christy Wo's jewelry and watch exhibit

Christine Ng appears in Christy Wo's brand of jewelry and watch
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Irene Wan Bik Ha, Christine Ng Wing Mei and others yesterday attended their friend Christy Wo Hei man's wrist watch exhibit.

Speaking of work, Irene said that this year has been a full harvest. She revealed that at the end of the year she would begin work on MEI YUN YU (MERMAID). Irene revealed that because she almost drowned to death in childhood, she still had trauma and did not know how to swim. Thus, special effect would be used to coordinate with the under water scenes. She would use a double for swimming. She said, "The lead actor has been chosen, but for now could not be announced yet. The film would have a lot of emotional scenes, in the past I very rarely worked on this type of dark humor subject."

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