Sunday, June 26, 2022


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Kimbee Chan Hoi Wan as the Joseph Lau Charity Foundation trustee director attended the film SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE (YUT LO TUNG HUNG) advanced charity screening and enjoyed the film with Ebenezer School and Home for the for the Visually Impaired employees and students. Later they even posed for a group photo. SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE was based on a real story and starred Karena Ng Chin Yu, Kara Wai Ying Hung, Hugo Goh (Ng Toi Yung) and others. Kimbee revealed that the story affected her. "Everyone was moved to tears by many parts of the film! The advanced screening aside from the support of the Ebenezer School headmaster Dr. Yuk Tak Fun also had the film's director and screenwriter Ms. (Judy) Chu Fung Han sharing the story behind the film with the audience after the screening. I hope everyone after watching the film would be able to understand the conditions of the visually impaired people even more, care about them more and extend a helping hand to them!"

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