Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Even the famously professional Sing Sing was frowning from the heat

Instead of enjoying the air conditioning in the vehicle, Aaron Kwok remained under the fan cooled tent with the team after the shoot

Aaron Kwok and Chan Kwok Bong were in suits despite the heat

The Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Francis Ng Chun Yu, Simon Yam Tat Wa starred Emperor Motion Picture NOI MOK (INSIDE INFORMATION) is currently in production, but the team recently ran into many difficulties. The earlier downpours made many last minute changes to location shoots. Luckily the team including director Alan Mak Siu Fai and producer Tin Kai Man was full of experience and able to resolve any problem as it arose.

Two days ago, Sing Sing and Chan Kwok Bong in the sweltering heat shot an investigation scene in Sheung Wan. Although it was a dramatic scene, they wore heavy suits on the streets under the blazing sun. They walked around like they were carrying "human ovens". Although they were drenched, they were great actors as they got into character as soon as cameras started rolling. Chan Kwok Bong frowned on the street as the lawyer Sing Sing made a dominant appearance, and conversed with me. When many neighbors saw Sing Sing they took out their phones to take photos, but they were very orderly and did not hinder the shoot.

This dramatic scene took a dozen or so minutes to complete. Due to how hot and humid the das has been, after the shoot the first thing Sing Sing did was to "remove his armor". He took off the suit jacket. For the convenience of the team he remained on the set despite the heat and watched playback with the director and the producer. He did not return to the vehicle to enjoy the air conditioning as the team remained united.

Sing Sing was resistant to heat as well as fighting. Reportedly, he and Ng Chun Yu teamed up against the film's big boss. In it they had their share of action scenes and gun fights. Earlier in an ending scene he was injured on the wire, but still toughed out the pain as he did not want to hinder the progress. In the film he was also a taekwondo instructor. The team requested for him to kick higher than his head, thus he would stretch whenever he had free time in preparation. In addition, as the financial director and dangerous figure Yam Tat Wa was also hurt from a 5 floor fall. Despite having a double on hand, he still insisted on personally performing many action scenes. Even with his injury he still persisted until the final minute. He did not ask to stop the shoot.

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