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Timmy Hung originally wants to return to Hong Kong to promote the film, but due to work in the Mainland the plan has to change

Timmy Hung and Dada Chan's passionate bed scene in the end turns into a kiss scene
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Timmy Hung Tin Ming in the new film A MURDER ERASED (BEI SIU SUT DIK HUNG ONG) played a character with eczema and severe rheumatoid arthritis. Aside from spending 3 hours on his make up for every shoot, he also met with several patients to get an understanding of the illness in hopes of giving the audience more knowledge about it. Speaking of working with Dada Chan Jing, Tin Ming said that when Dada started he had dinner with her. Since then they had no contact. His impression of her was a little girl. Working together for the first time, he praised Dada's performance was pleasantly surprising. He also revealed that they originally had a bombastic bed scene, unfortunately it was not made. "As soon as I saw this scene I told my wife (Janet Chow Ka Wai), but later after discussing with the director and Dada, everyone thought it was not suitable for the story and decided not to make it. (Did you decide after you made it?) I too want to try it before deciding, haha. (Was your wife the happiest about not needing to shoot it?) She was fine, she knew it was acting. Actually intimate scenes weren't shot for the sake of shooting them. The most important was that they were suitable. However the director later arranged for a 'light' kiss scene, which Dada and I didn't find out until we were on the set. After talking about it we thought it could add to the film and we shot it. It was just a few kisses."

Tin Ming was currently in Hangzhou. He said that in order to handling company business he has stayed for seven months already. "Originally I would return to promote for the film's March release, I even turned down a variety program. However because of the fifth wave of the pandemic I didn't come back, so I could only promote more online. I would wait until the jobs would be finished before returning to Hong Kong, so I planned to arrange for my wife and son to come over during the summer vacation, or hope for a boss to ask me to return to Hong Kong for a movie. Then I would be able to come back."

Eric Tsang Chi Wai earlier revealed a new edition of SUPER TRIO. Tin Ming joked that he has noticed Chi Wai's notice. If time would permit he would like to host or be a guest. In addition, Tin Ming revealed that he wanted to direct and was writing a script. However the company's first film would be directed by his younger brother Jimmy Hung Tin Cheung, a police film in which Tin Ming would guess star. "I want to make more movies and series in Hong Kong and support domestic productions more."

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