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Today reporters arrived in the main set of Tsui Hark's new film DETECTIVE DEE (DIK YUN KIT ji TUNG TIN DAI GOK) -- The inside of a 80 meter tall Wu Zetian bust. Personally supervising the production, action director Sammo Hung revealed that the set alone cost 12 million to decorate and showed the ambition for DETECTIVE DEE to be the highest grossing wuxia film.

The Wu Zetian bust is one of the key sets in DETECTIVE DEE. The leads who played Di Renjie and Wu Zetian, Andy Lau Tak Wa and Carina Lau Ka Ling, would work here. The bust's eyes were empty. When the reporter entered the inside of the bust, a 12 meter tall circular platform caught the eye first. Outside the platform hung red and white drapes that were full of scriptures. All around were wooden platforms as actors in gray Tang costumes were working with the director of photography.

The film will have many special effects. Director Hung joked, "The U.S. movies' special effects are automatic. Our filmmaking is also automatic-- automatically move ourselves!" He expressed that all the special effects were hand made, often a shot required a dozen or more hours. "It's very tiring, but most important it will be able to provide the audience with the best visual entertainment."

First heard on the set was actually a pop song and the production atmosphere was obviously very relaxed. Hung Kam Bo expressed that this was his favorite music. "I wanted to play this, had a little fun and ease the intense!" Due to the Influenza A, inside the set Hung Kam Bo and many Hong Kong workers wore medical masks. Hung Kam Bo expressed, "I just arrived in Hengdian two days ago and had a little cold. I wore a mask to prevent Flu A, this way it is better for everyone."

Director Tsui Hark was famous in the film industry for being strict. The reporter asked Hung Kam Bo whether he could take Tsui Hark's constant last minute script changes. Hung Kam Bo made a pose and said, "Come on! I can take it! Whatever he thinks I do, he is the director, I listen to him."

Female lead Li Bingbing earlier said that during training she left Di Renjie Lau Tak Wa all scarred up and bruised. Wa Jai joked, "When Li Bingbing started training, I would scream, 'Everyone hurry and find a place to hide!' She is too amazing." Hung Kam Bo today revealed further details. "Li Bingbing had no martial art training. From the start she only used force. Wa Jai had a lot of action experience, he knew when he could use force so getting in the role was easier." Yet Director Hung still expressed that Li Bingbing had martial art potential. "I don't dare to say she doesn't have potential, what if she hits me, ha! I believe that she needs time to train. Now she can accomplish most of what we are looking for."

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