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Wong Cho Nam and Kate Tsui Tsz Shan earlier promoted their June 25 new film release SHORT OF LOVE (NGAI JAI DOR CHING), which will compete with Aaron Kwok Fu Sing's MURDERER and HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE. Cho Nam laughed and felt that he did not need to worry, because the film was tailored for him. Although it was like giving birth to a child, it absolutely was not tough because he worked with many beauties in the film. He joked, "Even my Ma says that only with so many girls supporting me would people watch."

Cho Nam also said that he would not be worried about the box office because they all had their own fans, for example Angelababy's fans were amazing. During the shoot they followed her like an army, but he never saw her rumored boyfriend William Chan Ting Wai visiting the set. This time Cho Nam was very lucky to be able to work with some many pretty girls. He joked that work was like two months of loose dating or a dream.  However, he and the pretty girls could only get close without getting intimate. Being able to get close to seven or eight girls was already great though. He joked, "Save some room today for a better future." Cho Nam was not in a hurry to date and has not met anyone who interested him. He said that he was very conservative, his mate must be Christian because they would share the same values.

As for the actresses in the film, Cho Nam said that Tsz Shan was tough but tender and also very filial. She had a knack for comedy. Angelababy was like the first girlfriend, giving people the first love impression. Race Wong Yuen Ling was very adrift and hard to grasp, very close to the real her. JJ Jia (Ga Hiu Sun) looked very innocent, the dream of many men. Chrissie Chau Sau Na was gentle, while Ella Koon Yun Na was a convincing "busybody" and Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam) was able to give him hope.

Would Tsz Shan choose Cho Nam as a boyfriend? She expressed thather previous boyfriends were generally taller than her. She liked guys who wrote poems and songs. This was Tsz Shan's official comedy, in which she played a street vendor boss lady. For the film she had to learn drinking games and ride a motorcycle. In one scene she had to carry Cho Nam and run in a wedding gown like in A MOMENT OF ROMANCE. She joked that luckily Cho Nam was only 120 some pounds. In the end they only needed three takes.

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