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The Law Sau Yiu directed film MIT MOON yesterday held a production start ceremony in a Tuen Mun military camp. Attendees included Simon Yam Tat Wa, Bernice Liu Bik Yi, Pinky Cheung Man Chi, Andy On Chi Kit, Lam Suet, Chris Lai Lok Yi and national wushu champion Chiang Luxia.In the film Liu Bik Yi and Cheung Man Chi had to perform in swimwear. Yesterday Cheung Man chi attended the ceremony in a low cut dress and already won a battle.

Liu Bik Yi appeared in red. She expressed that in the film she played a killer and had many fight scenes, some of which she had to perform in a dress so they were rather tough. She expressed that during the first week she had bruises all over, but now she started to toughen up and could take the pain. Bik Yi said that she never studied martial art and did not know how to watch her strength. In a fight scene with Yam Tat Wa she hit him, which she was sorry about. In the film she also had to use a lot of weapons. In one scene she had to wear swimwear on a beach, her first in a film. She said, "The beach had a lot of mosquitoes that day. I wasn't afraid of people staring because the beach was very remote." Reportedly TVB has lifted her suspension. Bik Yi stated that actually she has been working all along, perhaps the audience did not see her on television and thought that way. She expressed that the company accepted a Malaysian television series for her. Bik Yi also praised Yam Tat Wa's attentiveness. When asked whether Brother Wa or Moses Chan Ho was more attentive, she smiled and said, "I don't know! Bye bye."

Did Cheung Man Chi have any fight scene? She said, "I would rather fight! I can tell I am doing just from what I am wearing." She expressed that the film had a swimwear scene. "I was so scared, I haven't worn swimwear in public for awhile." She hoped to be able to lose eight pounds and shoot in her best shape.

On Chi Kit's right cheek had a large scar. He said that was make up. In the film he was sick and had a scar on his face. He had many fight scenes in the film. Due to his shoulder and hip injuries, he could not perform some of the stunts and needed a double. Has Tse Ting Ting visited the set? He expressed that earlier she did, but yesterday was so sunny that she should go to the beach. Reporters joked that Ting Ting would not go without him. On Chi Kit joked, "She would have to wait until I am done with the movie then."

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