Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Photo courtesy of takungpao.com

CJ 7 animated film press conference two days ago took place at the China Film Group film digital production base. Attendees included China Film Group chief Han Sanping, executive producer Stephen Chow Sing Chi and director Toe Yuen Kin To.

CJ7 animated film will be a China Film Group and Star Overseas joint production, China Film film Group production and China Film Group film digital production base Beijing Cinema Animation Production will produce the entire film. Chow Sing Chi's CJ 7 likeness and voice have been granted permission to appear in this animation. Famous Hong Kong animation director Yuen Kin To who directed THE STORY OF MCDULL and MCDULL PRINCE DE LA BUN will direct. KING OF COMEDY screen writer Lee Man will write a even more sunshine and positive screenplay for the animation. At the same time, the animation will mix 2D and 3D production methods.

As the animation's executive producer, Chow Sing Chi who looked serious expressed that he has always enjoyed watching cartoon. This time he felt even happier with his personal participation. Three years ago, Sing Yeh already had plans for such an animation film but only when he found the suitable director did he feel the time was right. If time will permit, Chow Sing Chi will provide his voice with other CJ 7 actors.

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