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Master Yu persisted with his no mercy instruction style. Any mistake of course led to a beating, the one who did not make any mistake might not be spared either. All the kids could do was either take it or run away.

Big Brother Yuen Lung (Sammo Hung Kam Bo), Third Sister Yuen Qiu, and even Little Brother Yuen Lun have tried to run away; but without an exception the consequences that they got was not the freedom that they longed for but a painful beating from Master Yu.

Runaway Made the Innocent Suffer

Although when each student enrolled, Yu Jim Yuen would sign with his or her family a contract that stated "Dropping out of school or running away, the parents will be the responsibility for compensation". The kids may have some to no idea about what the contract meant. Even if they did, under such conditions the child would still risk everything to escape. As Yuen Wah said, "Sammo (Hung Kam Bo) tried several times and couldn't get away. If not, I would have left long ago as well. The school truly was too tough!"

Perhaps Master Yu long expected this move from his disciples, or perhaps he was direct; otherwise he would not use the term "escape" to express the meaning of "running away". Obviously Master Yu made the statement early, only those willing would be caught.

Among the disciples, Hung Kam Bo attempted the most escapes. Big Brother Yuen Lung who today Yuen Biao jokingly called "truant dragon" back then even made it out of school would not dare to return home in order to avoid the master's capture. Finally he would hide under stairways near the school, with junior colleague Yuen Wah sending food and blankets. Yet how could Master Yu let this go so easier?

Yuen Mo recalled, "Back then Yuen Wah sent food to Sammo, the Master found out and gave Yuen Wah 70 lashes. He broke all disciple beating records. The Master whipped Yuen Wah to tell Sammo, when you snuck out, Yuen Wah knew and did not tell. You brought your fellow disciple down with you. Let's see if you dare to escape again." Finally Sammo from then on gave up becoming a hurdling dragon.

Yuen Qiu Ran Away, Master Paid Personal Visit

Yuen Qiu could match her male counterparts in terms of "escape". Yuen Qiu said, "At the time halfway through I couldn't take it anymore. Once for some reason that I don't remember, I was very mad and snuck back to my Jordan home. Ma asked me why I wasn't in school, I told her 'the Master is on vacation'. Then the Master paid a personal visit to tell meto return and promised not to hit me. I said 'I would return if you don't hit me.' Finally after getting back, the Master gave me 30 lashes."

In comparison to Yuen Lung and Yuen Qiu, Little Brother Yuen Lun was familiar with the joy in the pain. He said, "After I ran away, I usually went to the movies to watch ONE ARMED SWORDSMAN, WHITE BONE YIN YANG SWORD. When I got tired I would climb on trucks that were parked to sleep. When I was out of money, I returned to the school!" (7)

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