Wednesday, June 17, 2009


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The Aaron Kwok Fu Sing starred new film EMPIRE OF SILVER (BAI NGAN DAI GOK) two nights ago held its Shanghai Film Festival premiere and a press conference yesterday. The film attracted many supporters, selling out and even overselling the premiere that additional seats had to be added in the last minute. Director Yao Shuhua praised Kwok Fu Sing's outstanding performance and called the film his best. Kwok Fu Sing said about his confidence in winning an award with the film. "I don't make movies for awards. I am already very happy and honored to be able to participate. This time although is the director's first film, she is very suitable and talented. (Some Mainland reviews claimed that this film could rival Oscar films?) I have heard that too. This is a good thing, I am very happy that it can be compared to giant productions."
Kwok Fu Sing also revealed that lead actress Hao Lei had many scenes with him and thus became good friends. Every time he has been in Beijing he would visit her and even their managers became good friends. Hao Lei expressed that the most unforgettable part of making EMPIRE was soaking in the water all day for a scene.

In addition, on the night of the premiere the Mainland media and the organizer had conflicts. Later reporters suggested that Kwok Fu Sing's character was controversial. Kwok Fu Sing stressed that he was passionate about his character and would concentrate on his performance. Even though his life was different from the character's he would not be affected. He joked that even when playing a MURDERER, the actor would not have to kill someone to perform well.

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