Saturday, June 13, 2009


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Fiona Sit Hoi Kei yesterday appeared on a Commercial Radio interview to promote her new song about a girl who was waiting for her guy over the four seasons, DING DING CHE (DING DING CAR). She was not a girl who took the initiative so even when she ran into a guy who she liked she did not know how to express herself. Sometimes she would need a longtime before realizing that someone was interested in her; although she did not have a lot of dating experience, each time has been successful. Was she waiting for Cho Ming (Jaycee Chan)? She denied and said that they had nothing special and absolutely were unrelated.

Lately Fiona and Cho Ming are working together on the film BREAK UP CLUB. She felt that Cho Ming was mature but his mind was less than so. In the film he had to play a 20 year old girl while Cho Ming a 22 year old guy. She joked that Cho Ming although was already 27 but his mind was like that of a 20 year old, but she stressed that she was not referring to his intelligence being low.

Fiona expressed earlier they worked on a bed scene in which they were jumping rope on bed and had to act very innocent. Was the shoot like dating? She frankly said that it was, the feeling was very real because the director asked them to improvise whether they were playing or arguing. Then they were being themselves and did what they normally did? Fiona said, "I should said that I was doing what Sit Hoi Kei would do with her boyfriend." Would she fall into the character? She said that it often happened with acting and jokingly asked reporters not to press her against the wall. In the end she and Cho Ming were friends.

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