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The costume epic DETECTIVE DEE (DIK YUN KIT ji TUNG TIN DAIGOK) held an Asian press conference in Hengdian. Director Tsui Hark, action director Sammo Hung Kam Bo, stars Andy Lau Tak Wa, Carina Lau Ka Ling and Li Bingbing made an appearance. Director Tsui Hark expressed, Di Renjie was the detective and the pride of Chinese people, "Sherlock Holmes can't compare to Di Renjie."

At the press conference director Tsui Hark revealed that the story is mysterious and the result shocking. Di Renjie is even molded into an unprecedented mix of 007 and Li Bai. The action scenes would also be very exciting. For the above and in water fight scenes more enjoyable, the Hung Kam Bo led stunt team built eight platforms (12 meters tall) in the cave for three days of wire work. The record was over 70 wires for one scene.

Tsui Hark would make DETECTIVE DEE as a "detective mystery", with his unique interpretation of this Tang Dynasty history to portray important figures of Di Renjie and Wu Zetian. "Each person's view of history is different. I believe that the Tang Dynasty was a very romantic dynasty. Di Renjie was a perfect person, but here perfection did not mean dull. He seemed to be able to see through life. I believe Lau Tak Wa is the best choice to play this character."

Returning to film after a three year hiatus, Lau Ka Ling said, "Acting to me holds a mysterious draw. Over these years I have been waiting for a great character to move me, right then and there Tsui Hark approached me. After reading the script I really liked it, and after discussing with the director I agreed to take the role. In the script the character of Wu Zetian is very well written. I believe that she is a superwoman who can create opportunity amid a crisis. She was too great of a character." She said that she did not resemble the character, but Tsui Hark felt that Ka Ling's personality had shades of Wu Zetian.

Lau Ka Ling in the film did not have any fight scene, but she had to ride a horse for the military review. Thus she accepted professional horse trainer's training. "I have always been rather afraid of horseriding, afraid of such a large animal; but now I have overcome the mental obstacle and the lessons have been rather smooth." She denied that rumor that she fell off a horse during training earlier. "I wasn't hurt at all, everyone please relax." When the media asked whether filmmaking would impact her marriage, Lau Ka Ling joked, "I already applied for time off with my husband, Wai Jai approved it. During the period I will focus on the movie."

This would be Lau Tak Wa's second turn as a Tang Dynasty person after HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS. Wa Jai in the film would have to use a heavy weapon. "Di Renjie's weapon was not for attack but to eradicate others' audacity, which was required when Di Renjie was investigating a case." To play the character of Di Renjie well, Wa Jai even went to study criminal psychology. When reporters asked would his character affect his daily life, Wa Jai seriously stated, "Now when people say that I am very lovable, I believe that they are lying."

Earlier reportedly Lau Tak Wa returned home after six days of work and damaged his "laborious" image. Wa Jai again stressed, "If someone is willing to pay me that much money for six days on a movie, all the more welcome! Fans and friends please relax."

Wa Jai's character was called the "thin Di Renjie" and some questioned whether he would be convincing. He jokingly responded that Justice Bao had both handsome and young versions. Even Hung Kam Bo was thin when he was young.

Wa Jai's Di Renjie was not only handsome but also romantic. He said in the film he loved many women, but they were not in love with him.The romantic scenes were light. "He loves many people, loves Bingbing secretly because he feels she is Hua Mulan." He also had an ability to read people, from a look or a breath he could tell what the person was hiding.

The film's relationship triangle involved Di Renjie, Wu Zetian and the Li Bingbing played Shangguan Waner. The relationships would be complicated. Li Bingbing said that this would be her third collaboration with Wa Jai, previous in CAT AND MOUSE and A WORLD WITHOUT THIEVES they had fruitless relationships. This time she turned into a heroine who chased after Di Renjie.

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